A passion for problem skin

When you visit Warren Beauty for a skin treatment, you get so much more than that.

I have a real passion for problem skin. The products I use for all of our facials are products I use myself. To be able to use dermalogica products in my treatments and to know how to tailor the skincare regime to each individual, I’ve trained extensively with dermalogica and am one of their Professional Skin Therapists.

My passion has come from suffering personally. After having my second child, I suffered from really bad breakouts on my skin. Over quite a long period of time, I tried lots of different lotions, potions and creams which ranged from the inexpensive to the higher end high street brands. I never felt like I was getting any real help or advice with making these choices. Every time I tried a new brand, my hopes were soon dashed and my skin continued to cause me much stress and anxiety.

I decided if I were to conquer my problem skin, I needed to see someone who was specialised so I started having professional skin treatments with a beautician.

At every treatment we discussed how my skin had been, and I really felt like at last I was getting the professional advice I needed. Plus, I was really beginning to understand that there were many things that could trigger a bad skin episode.

  • Hormones e.g. teenage, pregnancy, menopause, menstrual cycle
  • Poor diet
  • Lack of a suitable skin routine
  • Age
  • Poor diet
  • Environment e.g. air-conditioning, warm weather, cold weather

My treatments were 6 weeks apart and slowly my skin started to improve and was noticeably after just a couple of sessions. To be able to see these improvements made me feel that there really was light at the end of the tunnel and I felt so good about that. Having regular treatments and knowing how to look after my skin got me to a point where the breakouts were tolerable.

About this time, I decided to go to college and study beauty therapy, so that I could start my own business working from home. Initially I was really excited to learn all about nails and the decorative side of the profession. However, to my surprise I found that I really loved learning about the skin and excelled in those studies.

One day a dermalogica representative came into college to give a talk. I heard how it’s not all about beautifying the skin; it’s about fixing the underlying problems. Shortly afterwards we had a field trip to the dermalogica head office to see things in action. I was wowed by what I saw and signed up for their tiered training to become a dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist, it’s a continuous training programme with top up training for new products as and when they are released.

My clients come to me for face treatments both for relaxation and if they are experiencing problems with their skin. Being a dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist allows me to use all of the products in my treatments and sell them to clients too. This ensures that you have a skin prescription that is just right for you.

dermalogica products are used during skincare treatments available to purchase from our cabin and also listed on our website.

The kits are a great way to try out dermalogica products as you get the benefit of a full regimen of what your skin needs. They come in convenient handy travel sizes for you to take with you wherever you are and they last approximately 30 days.

The dermalogica guarantee means that if you find the product isn’t quite right for you, then it can always be refunded in full or swapped for an alternative product.

I love helping my clients have their best skin – I never got a Blue Peter badge as a child, but my dermalogica badge really does make up for it!

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